About Anne Rossi

Beauty Is Our Duty - I am a registered nurse with a higher diploma in beauty therapy and aesthetic medicine. Throughout my nursing career I have always had a passion for skin and beauty. I retired from nursing to pursue a career in the beauty business.

I opened my first clinic in Sutton, Dublin 13 mainly focussing on beauty treatments wherein I was introduced to an aesthetic doctor from the UK who encouraged me to train in Aesthetic Medicine as the aesthetic industry was only beginning here in Ireland. 

London, Paris & Monaco - Through his encouragement and enthusiasm, we both travelled extensively to London Paris Monaco to various Aesthetic conferences to explore the latest innovation of treatments in the beauty/aesthetic industry where I have gained vast experience.

I have been in the beauty business for over 20 years. We take a holistic approach  to both beauty and aesthetic treatments that marry well in our salon where our highly experienced beauticians will look after you!

We provide advanced beauty treatments - from traditional therapies to most advanced modern treatments.  

Our most popular treatments are manicure, pedicure, facials, and aesthetics. Look and feel comfortable and confident in your skin!

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, inside and out” - Audrey Hepburn